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About our Bowfishing Packages

Have you ever thought of bowfishing in Texas? Have you ever even heard of spearfishing in Texas. Join BWGS on this absolute riot of an adventure and let us introduce you to a fantastic way to spend your hunting offseason.

Be a kid again. Let your hair down. Let's go see what the world looks like from below the surface!

Want more info on the equipment we prefer to use underwater? Check out our pro tips sections for some killer info from world record holder, Jancy Jet himself!

What to expect from our Texas Spearfishing Adventures

Hunting season is over. Fishing is hot and requires a boat. What's a cold stone killer left to do??? Spearfish Baby!!!

BWGS has acquired access to 2 different bodies of water in southwest Texas and we are bringing you the ultimate offseason adventure. Spearfishing in Texas is not something you hear people talk about. Most would think that spearfishing requires a certain set of skills and knowledge, coupled with a lot of expensive equipment. Well, those people would be correct. However, BWGS already posses the aforementioned and we want you to join us on our Texas spearfishing adventures.

No skill is required. As long as you can swim, enjoy hunting, and like to eat fish...this might just be your favorite new hobby.

Best places to spearfish in Texas

Join us on the Nueces and South Llano rivers for the most scenic views of Texas and the absolute best clear water spearfishing this state has to offer.

For only $175 per person per day we provide you with the equipment and training as we guide you along the shallow rivers to Texas spearfishing bliss. For this low price you receive everything needed to spearfish in Texas, lodging for the night, and all your fish will be cleaned and cooked for you after the adventure is over.

We have set numerous world records in the industry and would love nothing more than to add your name to the book. Come with us on an underwater journey filled with gar, carp, buffalo, tilapia, red ear sunfish and much, much more!

Best spear fishing locations in Texas.