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Our prime locations set us apart

When choosing your next Texas hunting property, don't settle for just a ranch. Choose an outfitter who puts in the effort to bring you the best possible properties for the species you are looking to hunt at the price you are willing to pay.

Each BWGS property is unique in its own regard and therefore we welcome you to filter through our locations until you find the property that suits your most important needs the best.

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Our prime locations set us apart

It has become an obvious fact that there are thousands of properties to hunt in the state of Texas and just as many "guides" willing to take your money to enjoy their space. The difference in BWGS and the rest is that we are species specific. BWGS has put in hundreds of hours of time, money, and effort to select specific properties that match our clients needs for species, amenities, and price point. Our goal is to always provide exactly what you want and when you want it. In an effort to obtain this goal, we bring you multiple properties to fit the needs of multiple hunters.

Don't settle for something that will never be! It's your money and your right to choose the property that works best for you.