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Predator Hunts in Texas

We offer some of the best predator hunting in Texas. Our main species are coyote, fox, and bobcat. We do occasionally kill hogs on these hunts as well. Hunting Texas coyote, fox, bobcat’s and other predators is guaranteed to be an one of the best hunts you’ll go on this year. Our customers tell us that these predator hunts are some of the most exciting that they have been on. Predator hunts in Texas are known for their pace and sportsmanship.

Our Predator Hunt Locations

We have over 500,000 acres of property with moderate and advanced terrain in and around Abilene, San Angelo, San Antonio, El Paso, Sanderson, and Lubbock, Texas. We’ve taken the time to care for and examine these properties and ranches specifically for their ability to excite. The views from the Texas Hunting properties are something you are your friends will never forget.

Pricing and Details

Our hunts take place in Texas in and around Abilene, San Angelo, San Antonio, El Paso, Sanderson and Lubbock and are $350 - $650 per person per night with lodging, snacks, and drinks included on most hunts. A typical hunt will have you arriving at 3:00 pm on the afternoon of your hunt. We will load up and head out to make the first stand right before dark.

Package 1: West Texas Predator Hunt - $1300 for single hunter - $1000 per person for 2 or more
This hunt includes 2 nights of West Texas Varmint Hunting on some of the best property our great state has to offer. Package 1 is a straight up fur hunt. We are only out there for 2 nights and therefore our goal is to get you some serious shooting in. You can expect to have multiple shot opportunities at grey fox, possibly coyotes, and possibly a bobcat or two. This is a great hunt for someone who just likes to shoot and doesn't really care what type of predator or varmints they are knocking down. This is not a species specific will be after a mixed bag of animals but we do not guarantee an opportunity at any specific type of animal on this hunt.

Package 2: West Texas Bobcat Hunt - $1950 for single hunter - $1500 per person for 2 or more
This hunt includes 3 nights of West Texas Varmint Hunting and is geared at putting a Bobcat on your wall! Package 2 is by far our most popular hunting package and is recommened by our guides. Although our slow nights are considered awesome by most other outfitters, 3 nights with us is always a grand slam! This past season we were 100% success rate on our clients taking home Bobcats! That's correct...100%. We harvested 67 Bobcats for our clients from October 2017 to March 2018. If you want a Texas Bobcat in your trophy room, then you want this hunt.

Package 3: West Texas Mountain Lion Hunt - $2700 per person
This hunt includes 4 nights of Texas Mountain Lion Hunting. This is NOT a dog hunt. Our lion hunts are done by professional calling on fantastic Mountain Lion property. Our predator professional, Jeremy Harrison, is likely the most successful mountain lion caller in the state of Texas. This is not a guranteed hunt. This hunt is first and foremost an attempt to call you, the client, a mature Mountain Lion but also give you the option to shoot other predators during the hunt if you choose to do so. Mountain Lions are very elusive creatures and the key to killing a mature cat is to be in the right place at the right time. We have access to and will put you in the right place. We will also put in the time and this is why we are your best choice in Texas for hunting mountain lions.

Package 4: San Angelo Fox Hunt - $1000 per night - price can be split between 3 people
This hunt has proven to be one of the best fox hunts in the state. Be prepared to pull the trigger and take home some of the most aggressive grey fox on the planet. Hard charging, fun shooting, and fast paced action. Our fox hunts are second to none and a great hunt for beginners and kids.

What can you expect out of this fantastic predator hunt package?

1). What animals will we potentially be able to kill on the hunt. 

*Bobcat, Grey Fox, Red Fox, Coyote, Mountain Lion, Badger, Ringtail Cat

2). How long do the predator hunts usually last

*We will generally start hunting at sundown and hunt until 1 or 2am or until you are tired and ready to go in. There have been many occasions where we stayed out all night because the action was so hot.

3).  Is there a minimum amount of days/people required

*We always recommend package 2 which is 3 full nights of hunting. We've had 2 slow nights in a row but never 3!

4).  What is the average shot distance

*Average shot distances will be 100 yards or less.

5).  Are weapons and ammo provided

*We will gladly allow you to use our weapons and silencers for the small cost of the ammo you shoot during your hunt.

6).  Are snacks/drinks provided

*We always pack a medium ice chest with cold drinks, water, and a few snacks. You are also welcome to bring along any additional food or drinks you'd like to.

7).  Is lodging included in the price

*Some of the ranches we hunt will have lodging free of charge and some will have lodging available for a small fee. There are also times where we may need to stay in a hotel room in between ranches. These fees are not included in the price.

8).  Average number of shots per night

*Expect plenty of shooting and mass amounts of fun. Depending on your target animal you should expect multiple shot opportunities, sometimes even during the same stand!

9).  What percent do I have to shoot a coyote, “ “ bobcat, “ “ fox

*We hunt a lot of sheep and goat country where coyote po;ulations are not as dense, but truly a trophy. However, we will always work our tails off to ensure you get shots at the animals you want to harvest. Last year we were 100% on bobcats, taking home 67 cats as well as 100% on foxes shooting them into the hundreds. Expect 20 fox per night.

10).  Do we offer a guaranteed bobcat hunt

*Package 2 is what you want if you are wanting to take home a Texas Bobcat! Last year we had 100% success on cats. We can't guarantee because we've never seen you shoot, but we will put you on a bobcat.

11).  Do we offer a mountain lion specific hunt

*Yes we offer package number 3 which is a 4 night Texas Mountain Lion Hunt. This hunt is specific to calling you in a lion by use of our knowledge and skills in the canyons of West Texas.

12).  If on a normal predator hunt and we see a mountain lion, what’s the kill fee

*There is no additional kill fee if you are lucky enough to get a lion on a non specific lion hunt.

13).  What’s the cost for a normal hunt, guaranteed bobcat hunt, and mountain lion specific hunt?

*Please see the packages in the pricing section above!

14).  What type of setup or rig do we hunt from

*We confidently hunt from our custom built shooting seats and high rack designed to increase your odds of taking multiple predators during your Texas varmint hunt.

15).  Do we hunt days or nights only

*We mainly predator hunt during the night because it has proven to increase your odds on seeing predators but we will also hunt during the day if our clients would like to give it a try.

16).  What months can we book a hunt

*Say When! We are ready to go year around with the best months being October through April.

17).  Best month for each species 

*October through April is the best time for Texas predator hunting.

18).  How many acres do we hunt

*We predator hunt on over 500,000 acres across the state of Texas

19).  How many dogs, cats, foxes did we kill last year

*From October 2017 to March 2018 we killed 67 Bobcats. a few hundred Fox, and almost 100 coyotes

20).  What’s it cost to add javelina hunting to a predator hunt

*Javelina can be added on most of our hunts for $500

21).  What’s the closest airport to our hunting locations

*Upon booking your hunt we will let you know the best airport but it will most likely be either San Angelo Regional Airport or Midland International Airport

22).  What awards/competitions have we placed in or won in years past

*Our Head Predator PH is Jeremy Harrison who is also the founder of the world famous West Texas Big Bobcat Contest. Most people want a chance to simply be in this world famous contest, we now offer you the opportunity to be personally guided by the man who created all Texas Predator Hunting craze!

23).  What sponsors/products do we like to use

*We currently use Fox Pro, Coyote LIght, and Tony Tebbe

24).  Are we willing to not only kill predators but also teach our clients why we hunt or call a certain way

*We love to hunt predators. We are extremely passionate about it and we love to share our experiences in the field. We have learned a lot of lessons and techniques over the last 30 years and we are always ready and willing to help our clients along the way.