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About our Wild Quail Hunt Packages

Not into pen raised birds? Tower shoots aren't your thing? Want to hunt wild quail the way it's meant to be done? BWGS has wild quail out the wazoo and we need your help controlling the population!

Some ranches have fire ants, we have wild quail!

What to expect from our Texas Wild Quail Hunts

Join us in Aspermont, Texas on over 6,000 acres of the best wild quail hunt in Texas. For 17 years I've personally guided hunters in our great state and not once have I witnessed the amount of wild quail that our property has to offer. I feel so strongly about our west Texas wild quail hunts that I guarantee you will see birds with or without a dog.

God granted our property with everything a wild quail population needs to not only survive but to thrive. Our quail hunts are very straight forward and laid back. Want to hunt quail? Well...come on up! Follow the state regulations and have a run at the property as if it was your own. I've been told by some very hardcore bird hunters that this property should be put in the dictionary as "wild quail paradise." There are enough quail on our property that I can successfully harvest a limit with my bow!

About our Wild Quail Hunts, and Quail Hunt Pricing

Are you wondering how our wild quail hunts in Texas work? No problem. Use our calendar to find a date that suits your schedule. Pay your deposit and receive one of our info packets. After that, the shooting is simply up to you. This is your hunt. We're just here to take pictures, clean birds, and point you in the right direction!