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2018 Texas Dove Hunts

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If you thought the rock pit was good last we added MILO!

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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

If you hunted the opener last year you know how action packed it was! We had a few guys complete a daily bag limit in 28 minutes. The action was insane. Guess what??? We went all out this year and improved on our set up for 2018 in order to make this the best dove hunt we've had in 18 years of guiding. Same ranch, same rock pit, but added the adjacent field and planted 400 acres of Milo! Weather permitting, this hunt should be lights out! Argentina style flight without the Argentina style bill.

I understand that I'm horribly tough to get on a phone call and that some people don't like to text message but when I'm in a blind or with other clients, I don't talk on the phone. That knocks out about 95% of my time and I don't have enough money to pay someone to follow me around answering calls all day lol. My point is, I'm going to make a list here to answer every question about our 2018 dove hunts and hopefully this helps you out on deciding if you want to come shoot birds with us or visit another area of the state.

Questions and Answers:

Where are you located?

We are located in Wall, TX which is 12 miles outside of San Angelo headed back toward Eden, TX.

What is the cost of a dove hunt?

For what we offer we have the best bang for your buck. Our hunts are $75 per person for a full day of hunting. Can't beat it.

How many acres is the property?

The ranch is 2500 acres in totality. The rock pit area is around 60 acres and the new Milo field is around 400 acres. We also have ponds and mesquite flats all throughout the 2500 acres if needed but we should not need to use them.

How many hunters do you take at a time?

We can actually take 100 hunters per time because we sit in pairs however, this year we are going to take 50 people per day.

How many days do you hunt each week?

We only hunt the weekends with the exception of Labor day this year. We rest the fields every other day of the week.

Do you offer discounts for kids?

No. The age of the person pulling the trigger doesn't make the bird any less dead :)

Do you have lodging?

We do but our 10 man cabin is already booked for the season. There are plenty of nice hotels/motels 12 miles away in San Angelo.

Can we drive to the field or do you take us out?

We will all meet and hunt at the same times each day but yes you are allowed to drive your own vehicle to the field.

Can we bring decoys?

Yes. We will also provide each pair with a mojo to help increase your odds but you are allowed to set up as many of your own as you'd like.

Can we bring our dogs?

If your dog is a trained bird dog feel free to bring him. If your dog is a wanderer and ruins another persons hunt, be prepared to pay for that persons day of hunting.

Is there a bird cleaning service?

We will have a young man on hand that will clean and vacuum seal your birds for $2.00 per bird if you would like to have that done.

Where do we clean our birds?

If you choose to clean your own birds, there will be bird cleaning stations set up in the field. Do not fill the field up with bird parts. Use the cleaning stations and trash cans.

Do we have to pick up our shells?

YES! If your spot has empty shells left in the field you will forfeit your money and be asked to not return. There is no reason not to be a steward of the land.

How many birds can we shoot each day?

You can shoot 15 birds per day.

What kind of dove are we shooting?

90% will be mourning dove, 5% will be white-winged dove, and 5% will be eurasian dove

Can we shoot anything else while we are there?

No. This isn't a rabbit, fox, coyote, skunk, raccoon, or any other type of hunt other than dove. Please only shoot doves while in the field.

What are the hunting times?

We will meet at the fields 1 hour before AM legal shooting light and 3 hours before sundown.

When do we pay our bill?

Your money is due in form of cash or check on the first morning of your hunt prior to hunting.

What if we get rained out?

If we get rained out prior legal shooting light, you can either reschedule or I will refund your cash that you paid upon entering the field.

Do we need to bring chairs?

Yes unless you want to stand and shoot but I definitely suggest bringing chairs to sit in.

Is alcohol allowed on the property?

Alcohol is acceptable after the hunt is over. No alcohol in the field and nobody who appears tipsy will be allowed in the field prior to hunting times.

Do we need a hunting license?

Yes go buy it at Wal-Mart and make sure you have your HIP certification on the license as well as hunters education if needed.

Do we need a plug in our shotgun?

Yes you need a plug that will allow no more than 3 shells in your gun.

Will the game warden come check us during the hunt?

We follow the rules so we invite the game wardens to come check us. If you can't follow the rules you really deserve a ticket anyways.

What happens if I shoot over my limit of birds?

If you purposely break the law the game warden will be called, if you accidentally break the law you are responsible for the way you handle the situation.

Is there a price for half day hunts?

Yes. It's the same price as the full day hunt. $75

What dates are open for hunting?

September 1-3

September 7-9

September 14-16

September 21-23

September 28-30

Are there spots still open?

Yes we have plenty of spots available if you would like to book your group.

I'm ready to book, what do I do now?

If you like everything you've read and would like to participate in a hunt with us please email me your name, phone number, how many people in your group, and which dates you would like to come hunt.

Thanks again for everyone who comes and has a blast with us all throughout the year. Our dove hunts are taken just as serious as our whitetail and exotic hunts and therefore are always just as successful. If you're looking to have a good, safe time with good, clean people, drop us a note and let's get you on the calendar.

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