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2019 Black Water Guide Service 8 Point Challenge

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A little skill, a little luck, and 5000 big ones to the winner!

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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

2019 Black Water Guide Service 8 Point Challenge

I've always wanted to see a competition that took place on a level playing field for hunters. One where everyone hunted the same property, same area, same feed program and all had to play by the same rules. As a kid I used to dream that there would be a hunting challenge that took place under these circumstances that could possibly allow me to show my skills not only as a hunter but as someone who was skilled enough to go get the best deer on a particular piece of ground.

Now our state puts on some great tournaments and challenges like the Big Bobcat Contest and the Las Cazadores but when it comes to hunting contests, I don't know of any that forces all the participants to hunt the same ranch. What would be the benefit of this you ask? Well in theory, we would all be hunting the same genetics and the same feed/management program. Basically, you wont be going out to hunt a tiny Llano, TX 8 point while Johnny is bringing in 165" 8 point from a high fence ranch in South Texas. Other than the weather, we can control the playing field in order to make an even environment for all the contestants.

How Will The Competition Work:

We have a very large contiguous property outside of San Angelo, Tx where all the hunting will take place. Each contestant will receive a 3 day 2 night hunt with lodging included. During that time frame you will be allowed to harvest 1 buck up to 8 points and 1 doe if desired. The largest grossing 8 point buck will win the competition.

When is the Competition:

Bow hunting will start October 2019 and Rifle hunting will start November 2019. The competition will end on December 31st of 2019.

Where is the Competition:

The hunts will all take place on our property outside of San Angelo, Tx

How Many Contestants:

We only have spots for 70 contestants for 2019.

What Does it Cost to Enter:

The cost of the hunt is $1500 total. You make a $200 deposit to reserve your spot and the balance is due on the first day of your hunt.

How Do We Hunt:

All participants will be allowed to pick from the Blind Board on which spot they want to hunt each day. All hunts will be conducted from a blind.

How is the Lodging:

We have 2 facilities and can sleep a total of 20 people at one time. Both facilities have wifi and satellite tv as well as kitchens and bbq pits for your cooking needs.

How Will the Deer Be Scored:

All deer will be gross scored by the same Black Water employee.


If you break any TPWD law while hunting you will be disqualified. If you bring in a deer with more than 8 points, you will be disqualified and fined an additional $750.


The highest grossing deer will receive either an all inclusive fully guided elk hunt or a $5,000 hunt credit with Black Water Guide Service. Second place will receive a check for $1500.

How To Enter:

Send us an email either through our contact page or directly to Let us know your dates, how many in your group(if you have one) and how you'd like to pay your deposit (credit card or check). After the deposit is received, you will be entered into the competition and will receive your info packet by email shortly there after.

We look forward to this contest and all the excitement it will bring this year. Most of you reading this are going to spend $1500 on a "management" type deer somewhere this year anyways. Might as well enter the contest and see if that buck can't win you $5K!

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Sky Watkins

Owner, Lead Guide

Owner and Lead Guide of Black Water Guide Service. Sky has lead thousands of hunters through some of the most amazing experiences of there lives. Read Pro Hunting Tips from an experienced Texas guide who's been through it all.

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