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We already took out Bin Laden...Come to Black Water and take out his pet ram now!
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About Our Afghan Urial Hunts

The majority of our Afghan Urial Hunts take place outside of San Angelo, TX. Hunting the Afghans can be challenging at times and our hunts are all performed from a safari style and spot and stalk manner of hunting.

Why Hunt Afghan Urials

We can think of hundreds of reasons to hunt the Afghan Urial sheep however, the most popular reason is for people who are looking to mark off the middle eastern rams species without having to travel to the danger zones. You can harvest an identical Afghan Urial here in Texas, for less money, without being shot at just for being an American...God, I love this state!

Texas Afghan Urial Hunting, Pricing, and Features

Forget about traveling to the land of dirt and mountains, eating fly ridden goat, pooping in holes in the ground and shaking hands without toilet paper....Come to Texas and get your pure Afghan Urial ram while spending your weekend in a nice lodge with great meals and conversation.

Our Afghan Urial hunts are $250 per person per day plus a kill fee of $150 per inch. (Example 35 inch ram = $5,250 plus $250 per night stay)

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Afghan Urial Information:


The Afghan is native to certain parts of the countries of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.


Afghans are around 2.5 feet tall at the back and weight between 90 to 115 pounds on average. Brownish/Yellow in coat color and a very distinctive black neck ruff encompassed by a large white bib in their winter coats. Horns are consistent with other urial horns.

The Afghan Urial was noted by famed traveler Marco Polo during is mid 13th century journey through the middle east where he told of herds as big as 500 urials running freely through the hills.

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