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About our Texas Red Sheep Hunts

The ability to harvest the king of hybrid sheep is what makes Texas Red Sheep hunts one of the pinnacle sheep hunts our state has to offer. BWGS has been a go to outfitter for high ranking Texas Red Sheep and this year alone we have taken 3 red sheep that score extremely high in the record books.

Hunting Texas Red Sheep

The consistent quality of Texas Red Sheep hunts produced by BWGS has been unmatched in our state. Time and time again our clients have harvested Texas Red Sheep that are not only great representations of the species but some of the largest Red Sheep to be harvested in the world!

Our Texas Red Sheep herd is self sustaining and run freely on our Rocksprings property. This is not a "bucket shake" hunt. The gene pool of this breed tells them to immediately run from danger and therefore you have to be prepared to get after it when signing up for a Texas Red Sheep hunt with BWGS.

BWGS once again offers a fantastic quality hunt at a price point that is below market average when looking for Texas Red Sheep hunts.

Texas Red Sheep Pricing and Features

If a quality Texas Red Sheep hunt with the opportunity to put your name in the books is what you're looking for, come see us.

  • Cost $1250 for lodging, meals, guide, transportation, and game care
  • $3500 trophy fee will be applied after the harvest of your Red Sheep

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Texas Red Sheep Facts and Information

(male) Shoulder height 29-32 inches (74-81 cm). Weight averages 110 pounds (50 kg), but sometimes as much as 150 pounds (68 kg).

According to Valdez and Nadler, whose classification is followed here, the red sheep is a hybrid between the Armenian mouflon (Ovis gmelini gmelini) and the trans-Caspian urial (O. vignei arkal), which occurs naturally in the Alborz Mountains of northern Iran. Its offspring are fertile. As a hybrid, it exhibits characteristics of both parental species. The chromosome number varies from 54-58, the saddle patch and bib may be present or absent, and the neck ruff and horn configuration are variable. The name "red sheep" is misleading, because some other kinds of sheep have redder coats. The general coloration is light brown or tan, with individuals varying from very light grayish-brown to light reddish-brown. Underparts are white. Females are smaller than males and may or may not have horns.

Red sheep are native to the Alborz Mountains and Kavir Desert of northern Iran.

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