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The Transcaspian Urial is the prettiest ram on the planet and makes a great addition to any trophy room. Put on your bib and get a Transcaspian Urial with Black Water
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About Our Transcaspian Urial Hunts

Our Transcaspian Urial hunting takes place outside of San Angelo, Tx. All TCU hunts take place by way of safari style and spot and stalk hunting. Our goal is to find the size range you are looking for and get you as close as possible. These Transcaspian Urials are big sheep and it takes a good shot to knock em down the first time.

Why Hunt Transcaspian Urial

Often referred to as the originator of all sheep species, the TCU is the most beautiful and one of the larger sheep on the planet. For any trophy hunter, Transcaspian Urial hunting is a must do for the bucket list. Big horns, big body, and big white bib!

Texas Transcaspian Urial Hunting, Prices, and Features

Join the prestigious club of the few with giant TCU's hanging on their wall. At BWGS we can help you harvest a Transcaspian Urial that even the most elite of hunters would be ecstatic to have earned. Our hunts are $250 per person per night for lodging, meals, and guide plus $225/inch harvest fee on the transcaspian urial.

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Transcaspian Urial Information


Most places ending in "Stan" and Iran


Transcaspian Urial rams average in height of 3 feet tall and can weigh up to 200 pounds. TCU's main characteristic is the beautiful flowing white bib/beard that can extend to over 9 inches in hair length as well as the triangular shape horns that often times curl back up to surpass the 40 inch mark. A truly magnificent animal.

Many parts of the world actually believe that due to its origin, the Transcaspian Urial may be in fact the oldest sheep species on the planet and the father of all sheep.

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