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Auburn and brown with horns curling round and round! Corsican rams are a must have for any trophy hunter.
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About our Texas Corsican Ram Hunts

A great vacation experience for all ages, Texas Corsican ram hunts are non strenuous yet very rewarding. Hunting Corsican rams in Texas is very popular by industry standards and BWGS has the trophy you need roaming the ranch as you're reading this.

Why you should hunt Texas Corsican Ram Hunts

The most popular sheep hunt in the industry, Texas Corsican ram hunts are a staple in the sheep hunting world. If you don't have one hanging on your wall, it's time to step up your hunting game. Hunting Corsican rams in Texas can be a blast if you choose your outfitter wisely and lucky for you, you're already in the right place to book with the best!

Texas Corsican Ram Hunt Pricing and Details

Earn yourself a gold medal by booking a Texas Corsican ram hunt with Black Water Guide Service.

The cost of this hunt is only $250 per day for lodging, meals, guide, transportation, and game care.

After you lay your trophy to rest there is an additional $1500 harvest fee

Texas Corsican Hunts

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Texas Corsican Ram Details

  • Corsican rams are the most popular rams in the ROE ram slam category.
  • Corsican rams weigh an average of 120 pounds, sport an auburn and brown coat, and carry curling horns upwards of 30 inches in length.

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