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This is one of the best free range hog hunting properties in the state. Our ranch is known for good size wild hogs with great cutters.
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About our Aspermont Hog Hunt in Texas

Each year we kill at least 3 pigs with cutters over 4″ and multiple pigs with cutters over 3″.  To be successful on this hunt you must be willing to remain quiet, scent free, and hunt the night.  This hunt is truly for guys who are looking for a good “night” hunt.  If you are wanting to shoot pigs during normal “deer hunting” type hours and party all night, this is not the hunt for you.

When hunting wild boar we recommend calibers of .270 or larger.  We also encourage any tools you may have to assist you in hunting at night; ie, flashlights, binoculars, night vision, thermal optics, etc.

Details about Aspermont Hog Hunting

  • Location:  Aspermont, TX
  • Ranch Size:  6,000 Acres Free Range
  • Number of Hogs:  Unlimited
  • Terrain:  Mesquite flats, Canyons, and River beds
  • Hunt Type:  Blinds, Safari Style, Spot and Stalk
  • Hunt Times:  Morning, Evening, Night
  • Price: $400 per person per night with motel or camper lodging and meals. 2 night minimum
  • Minimum hunter group of 3 - Maximum hunter group of 10

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