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About our Texas Armenian Mouflon Hunts

Already have a Mouflon? Ready to take the next step on your sheep slam? How about a Texas Armenian Mouflon Hunt? We've got them and we want you to hang one on your wall!

A cousin to the common Mouflon, Texas Armenian Mouflon hunts can be difficult to locate in our industry. Look no further! BWGS has an outstanding naturally breeding herd right here in Rocksprings, TX. We consistently take Armenian Mouflon in the top 20 placements of the record books and have broken the top 10 mark on numerous occasions.

Another species that BWGS has been able to produce at a more cost effective rate than our competitors without decrease the quality of the animal at hand. There really isn't a need for more research. Our client photos, rates, knowledge, and hospitality are the winning ingredients for a successful Texas Armenian Mouflon hunt.

Armenian Mouflon Hunt Pricing and Features

If you're looking for a quality Texas Armenian Mouflon hunt to add to your already successful hunting career, we've got you covered.

At only $250 per day which includes lodging, meals, guide, transportation, and game care, your stay at BWGS will be an exciting yet relaxing experience.

Upon harvesting your trophy Armenian Mouflon there will be an additional fee of $3500 no matter the size of the ram.

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More about the Armenian Mouflon

male) Shoulder height 28-32 inches (71-81 cm). Weight 100-140 pounds (45-63 kg).*A graceful sheep with relatively long, slender legs. General coloration is reddish-tan with a faint grayish-white saddle patch. The underparts, lower legs and muzzle are white. The chest is dark brown. There is a narrow, brown flank band and brown markings on front of the upper legs. In winter, a short, black ruff grows on the lower neck and brisket. There is no bib. The male's horns are supracervical, curving above and behind the neck. Females are considerably smaller than males and may or may not grow horns.

This subspecies is native to eastern Turkey, northeastern Iraq, northwestern Iran and a small area in Armenia. Regarded by many authorities as the probable ancestor of the European mouflon and the domestic sheep. Has been introduced on private properties in many parts of the world.

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